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2022. RCB. Acrylic paint. Commisioned by the Groundswell Collective

RBC continues to fund Coastal Gaslink even as the bank has set its own net-zero targets as part of its Climate Blueprint. RBC is Canada’s largest bank & largest fossil fuels funder. The bank also happens to be the fifth largest fossil fuels funder in the world.

Coastal Gaslink has been called a ‘carbon bomb’ & continues to fail to meet B.C’s Enviormental Assesment Office’s orders from 2020; to fix sediment and erosion problems on watercourses and wetlands. Coastal Gaslink is set to cross about 625 streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes.

Hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs have opposed the project that will cross through their territory. In 1997, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized in its landmark case Delgamuukw v. British Columbia that Canada did not extinguish Wet’suwet’en title to the land. That case acknowledged the nation’s hereditary governance structure, meaning Wet’suwet’en law is recognized by Canada’s highest court and authority over the nation’s land lies with the hereditary chiefs.

Chiefs Namoks, Gisdaya, & Madeek travelled to RBC’s AGM from their unceded territory to attend, but late in the day RBC cancelled their in-person portion of the meeting & did not inform the chiefs.

In short, RBC is not committed to a net-zero future when they continue to fund a project against the wishes of Indigenous peoples who protect the land. By releasing plans to lower emissions, while actively funding/defending the Coastal Gaslink, RBC is not making efforts to create a sustainable future. We need action now. RBC has the power to divest & set a new standard.

Signed RCB